Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring comes to Campus

I'm breaking with tradition a bit and including some photographs I took earlier today while wandering around the campus. I started out in the mid-morning haze trying to take candid shots of students and staff for the English Department News Letter (I thought it would be best to avoid spring-time cliches like raindrops and flowers). But, as you will observe from the total absence of any student/staff candid shots, I opted to photograph the flowers anyways. I suppose I did do a bit of journeying today; I flitted about on the well-worn path between Boyer Hall and Murray Library, bouncing between bright objects like a honey bee who knows she's going extinct and can't decide on her last supper, and just thought about stuff. Obviously I can't include all of my photos in the News Letter, but I think they're all very nice; I'm sure my family will love them. Well, here they are: