Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Dinner

On November 27th (when else?) our lovely BCA mommies, Sandy and Denise, took us out to Toby's Carvery for a roast dinner. It wasn't quite like home, but still - a good meal with good conversation, and it was free. We took the bus out to the restaurant, and most of us got drenched for the trouble. Rain was just coming down in buckets, I seriously don't know where it all comes from. Anyways, we walked up the pictured street with our pants rolled up, our scarves doubled up, and our umbrellas hopelessly inverted, stood around in ankle-deep, freezing water for 20 minutes, and summarily forgot everything as soon as they showed us the turkey (er, ham, in my case; I don't like turkey very much).

1) Look, Mom, it's me! I did a quick MySpace shot before we left our flat just for you. Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!

2) Dinner. That big thing with my mashed potatoes in it is called Yorkshire pudding; you're supposed to eat it plain or with gravy (like all English food), but I think they're gross so I just filled it with potatoes and corn instead. Also, stuffing comes in balls here. Tastes good, though.

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