Monday, March 23, 2009

Alabama Lake House: Days Two and Three

The remainder of our stay at the lake house revolved around putting forth the least amount of effort to gain the greatest amount of pleasure and relaxation. Basically, we spent the whole time lounging in the sun, walking in the woods, and working on our homework at a legendarily slow pace. Seriously, the two turtles swimming around our dock were moving faster than Lis and I.

Barbi, Alita, and Alita's husband Drew came down on Friday, along with their kids, so we spent a good bit of time chatting with them, watching Tatum and Isaac run around with the dogs, and trying to avoid diaper duty with Rowan (Alita and Drew's new baby). I think I'm just going to do the rest of this photo-album style. There really aren't any anecdotes that need to be repeated here, but I still want to share my three days in the sun with everyone.

1 & 2) Aunt Debi and the kids.

3) Uncle Don's chapel, adjacent to the park.

4) Lis holding her new friend, Sadie.

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