Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Not All Who Wander are Lost

So, when I'm not off traveling I spend most of my time being jealous of those who ARE traveling. In this case, my Peruvian backpacking cohort is exploring the rugged terrain, beaches and intellectual tourism of glorious Puerto Rico. As much as I wish I could be there with him, he is actually doing a pretty good job of updating his own travel blog for (what I imagine is mostly my and his mother's benefit) the general amusement of all. And, you know, the fact that I get to play travel guide for him once in a while when he turns up in a new city with no set itinerary and IMs me as I'm on my way out the door for work isn't really a bad deal, either.

He has all of his adventures posted at There and Back Eventually, and any daring introverts considering a truly independent backpacker's tour of the 51st state would do well to check his posts for some real pro-tips.

This photo has been shamelessly stolen from his blog, and it covers part of an abandoned sugar mill on the Playa Grande lagoon tucked away off the mainland on the smaller island of Vieques. He has his own stories to tell about it, but apparently most of them star wild ponies and a handful of lizards, so I'm going to let the photo speak for itself. I can't imagine that my fat butt would have made the hike / bike trek out there, but I know I can't wait to look at the results when he finally comes back with a whole memory card full of new photos.

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Brice said...

They won't all fit on a memory card, so I'm copying them to a harddrive nightly...