Monday, November 24, 2008

Birmingham: The Anberlin concert

My life has been relatively boring of late, but all that's going to change this weekend; I'm going to Ireland! (Real Ireland, not that little lump they call "North Ireland.") In the mean time, here's a new post to appease Élise. Last Saturday four of us went into Birmingham to a place called The Bar Fly for an Anberlin concert. To be honest, I'd never heard of them before, but I figured it was better than spending my entire weekend writing a paper for Hinduism class (I finished it today, yay!). They were OK. I like them a lot better in concert than I do on the computer, but that's more to do with their stage presence than their musical talent.

I don't really have any complaints one way or the other. Here are the music and photos for your multimedia viewing pleasures:

A Night in Birmingham:

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Story of a Girl said...

I love the band Anberlin. You should really read their lyrics. Especially from their last 2 cds... great lyrics. I personally love their songs I've been a fan for years.

by the way, please post about ireland. i am also wanting to visit that country.

i'm iris. you may visit my blog and follow it if you'd like :)