Monday, November 24, 2008

Karaoke at The Cotswold

Apparently my social life isn't public enough... There are a lot of fun things to do in Cheltenham (it's a University town, you can figure out the rest), but none of them are better than karaoke night at The Cotswold. Every Wednesday we - and recently a rather large group of friends - trek two whole blocks from our flat to sing, dance, and generally make merry. Karaoke night is surrounded by mystique and steeped in a solid two months of tradition, so naturally I can show you all of my photos. It really does feel like we just got to the U.K., now that I think about it....

Right, karaoke! We know the regulars now: The Dancing Ken, The Blues Brother, Helmet Girl... and I think this relaxed social climate is what I'm going to miss most about living in England. There's just nothing like it around Messiah.

I could write you whole pages on this, but we all know you're just interested in the pictures. So, here it is!

This incredible gentleman is the reason people like me shouldn't be allowed out in public. He sings all of the jazzy, bluesy classics (he even serenaded me last week!) with that gruff, soulful voice and I struggle not to run up and join him. So far Chad and Gager have been more than happy to help keep me seated.

1) The Dancing Ken (yes, that's what he goes by; he's a local celebrity who raises money for charity) and Mr. Good Voice.

2) Some dancing, some singing... we're just getting started here.

3 & 4) English friends! I'm going to miss chilling with these guys so much. They are all funny, smart, and more than willing to make asses of themselves singing the Rickroll (not even my idea!) to a packed house.

And, of course, the final video just embodies the best of Wednesday nights at The Cotswold. I think it's self-explanatory. Get well soon Élise, I hope this helped!


Burkesmouthpiece said...

I totally love you and your silly karaoke self. So when do we see video/pics of you rockin' out the karaoke bar? P.S. I don't believe that the rickroll wasn't your idea. :) We all know you are harassing those poor Brits.

oh yeah, and updates on Ireland forthwith - no, I'm not demanding at all.

Anonymous said...

Hey.. you know I love Karakoe... the nite sounds like a hoot. I'm so glad you are having fun !!! And Yes Messiah will be an adjustment all over again. But I HAVE FAITH YOU CAN DO IT! There is a whole big bad fun world out there( in moderation, of course!) Love MOM ps.. I can't wait to see you. and Elise... get well soon.

Burkesmouthpiece said...

Thanks Mrs. Yeagle