Thursday, September 30, 2010

Arizona III: The Family Road Trip

As Chrissie and I plotted out our Spring Break scheme, we realized quite horrifyingly that she had never seen anything in the US west of the Mississippi River. Insistent that we would not spend our entire vacation belly-up to the bar, gaining 5 pounds drinking Guinness and eating chips, we asked my Aunt if she would take us to the Grand Canyon for a day. Granted, a good bit of soulful sojourning in the mountains and exploring the city took place over our stay, but the drive out to the Grand Canyon was our major exploratory outing.

After a harsh winter, the northern portion of Arizona found itself snuggled under a blanket of rapidly melting snow by mid-March. There's not an extremely detailed or interesting story to tell here: the desert was in bloom -- a rare treat -- and we haggled with Chrissie for 30 minutes to get her to hug a cactus. We spent the hours we didn't spend doing assorted outdoors activities picking fruit from my Aunt's orchard and stuffing our faces with organic blood oranges, navel oranges, kumquats and grapefruits. Yum!

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