Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tis the Season for Disappointment

So, not only did I miss the Harrisburg Zombie March AND The Rally to Restore Sanity / Fear at the end of October, it's becoming increasingly apparent to me that no manner of finagling is going to open up my schedule and wallet for this year's Anime USA convention. I'm thrilled to have a real job at the moment so I can save up for what I hope to be an early 2011 move, but this was supposed to be my first proper descent into the nerd hive-mind.

To add additional insult to injury, I had to back out on the Con's tech-supervisor. Daniel, a redheaded drinking mate of mine from college, asked me to help with the mobile tech squad in exchange for free room, board, and weekend passes. I was really looking forward to be helping behind the scenes with sound equipment and sarcasm all weekend -- if a single mic screeches or a single "that's what she said" goes unspoken, I'm going to feel personally responsible. So, if anyone out there reading this is planning on going to Anime USA this year, have fun. If anyone's planning on attending AUSA next year -- look for me! I'll be there yucking it up next to the kid with fire engine hair and a pint of Guinness in his hand.

On a marginally brighter note, I have every intention of posting my forays into interior decorating on this blog once I set up house in 2011. I'm just going to keep telling myself that every day I'm in Warren working is an extra day I have to look for work -- as opposed to taking the first bit of fluff I find -- when I finally do make that move.

And, you know, maybe I'll get around to finally making that Montreal Grand Prix post I've been putting off since summer.

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