Thursday, March 20, 2008

Day Five and Some Pictures

The Arboretum, KY - Lisbit's favorite stump

The Arboretum, KY - we're on a bridge!

The Arboretum, KY - Friends on the rocks

The Arboretum, KY - She's jumping on the stump

The Arboretum, KY - Lisbit playing in the sculpture

We spent most of day five driving, touring the countryside, and visiting some exciting places. (Hint: you'll have to ask us in person about that one!) It rained all day, so that, combined with Lis and Dylan's questionable taste in music and a slight detour (by which I mean one that took us an hour out of our way), made for a rather gloomy afternoon on my end. The Kentucky countryside looked gorgeous, as always, despite the rain, and we drove through some very rural, agrarian locales on our way back to West Virginia.

In other news, our hotel smelled slightly like urine, and I'm pretty sure the people in the room next to us were running some sort of illicit drug trade. A rather shady-looking woman without shoes was sitting in the door jam of a room full of other shady people, and they definitely weren't smoking tobacco. Either way, we unloaded the car, kicked back, and had a very relaxing night to prepare us for day six!

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Shadowcat said...

Lizbit! You look so cute!

Ray...I'm not sure what the word is for how you look. Cute isn't quite it. Happy with a mildly cynical flavor?