Monday, March 17, 2008

Day Two

We left Lexington around 11:30 yesterday, and started driving towards Louisville. It turned into an "explore this attraction" sign hunt for three hours, and we really got a feel for Kentucky. We went to a Bourbon Trail still called Buffalo Trace Distillery. It was closed (Sunday), but we were able to wander the historical part of the manufacturing plant, and play in the gardens. Lisbit took a brief detour to the swing set, and we read all the plaques and signs we found. I'm not sure we "learned" anything, but if you ever have the run of an industrial plant for a day I strongly suggest you use it wisely. Our next stop was a Wildlife Preserve, which basically involved walking around a lake and trying not to let the geese accost us. Those birds have nasty tempers, and they really, really like Pringles. We had a quick lunch at the preserve -- eaten stylishly on our car, since the geese were scaring us off from the picnic table -- and spent most of it trying to intimidate the aggressive ones away with a combination of body language and cursing. We had a blast goofing off like that for 45 minutes or so, and then we started driving the length of highway we had, by this point, affectionately dubbed "The Circle".

The next stop we tried was Lover's Leap Vineyards, but we were fairly certain they would also be closed. And they were. But we got to run around unsupervised and do a little exploring of the area outside the manufacturing room, wander into the vines a little, and play with two rather rambunctious dogs. Basically, this turned into our tour of the Kentucky country-side. I know exactly what poets and over-quoted, cliched writers meant when they said "rolling hills." This is a truly beautiful place, and I think it would be breath-taking in the summer.

After we finished playing with the dogs and just generally walking around the country-side, we continued our drive to Louisville and got here around 5:30. Too late for the history museum (but -- and I haven't decided if this is a benefit or a detriment -- history doesn't change from museum to museum) so we'll try for the one in Charlotte or Staunton.

We decided to go to dinner at a barbecue restaurant on Bardstown road. The food was amazing (we're going to try fried chicken next). We all sort of looked like zombies with caked on red slime all around our mouths. Then we hit the town! The "keep Louisville weird" campaign was in full swing, so we knew we were in the right part of town. Lots of music stores, used book stores, hookah bars, and metaphysical shops -- you know what part of the city I mean, the fun part! We had a pretty sweet time just wandering around Louisville, looking at the sights and listening to the locals. The accents here are much more pleasant than the ones we heard in West Virginia.

Today we're driving towards an arboretum and Mammoth Caverns. Our first cave, yay! And it's St. Patrick's day, so that means Lisbit is bouncing up and down to fiddles and flutes. Also, she says "Leave comments or I'll slit your throat." Personally, I don't care. But hey, when a stepdancing blond tells you to type something you sure as hell better do it!

We'll try for pictures later today... we just haven't been still long enough to bother transferring files. Wouldn't change it for the world.

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