Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Warwick Castle

This was actually a pretty cool excursion, but we were all so tired that it came off as a little redundant. Yes, it's a castle. Very nice. Can we go home now? Seriously, though, we had a pretty good time after waking ourselves up with a hike through the spiraling tower stair cases (do not like).

According to all of that lovely information they give us on our tour bus, the first castle built on the Warwick site was constructed from wood in 1068 at the behest of William the Conqueror. They slowly rebuilt it with stone during the middle ages, and it became the home of several very successful Earls of Warwick. By the 14th century, construction was completed and Warwick Castle - now in possession of the Beauchamp family - stood out as a very impressive Medieval fortress.

The castle survived attack in 1264, besiegment in 1624, and a fire in 1871. It housed the Earls of Warwick until 1978, when it the Tussauds Group purchased and restored it. And that's it, really. Oh! Queen Elizabeth II visited there in the 1990s, and the conspirators of the Gunpowder Plot stole horses from their stables in 1605. And Edward Plantagenet, last male of that particular line, was the 17th Earl of Warwick. There, done!

Now for the good part: pictures.

1) the portcullis
2) the chapel
3) some weapons and armor

4) the castle from the ramparts
5) the peacock garden

6) a giant trebuchet launching fire balls
7) solitary confinement cell in dungeon

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