Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bolivia Update

Bolivia sucks. It costs way too much to get a visa (which you must have with an American passport), the immigration office is a joke, the streets of La Paz are clogged with people, cars, and refuse, and dirty old men keep grabbing my ass. To top it all off, Brice bailed on me about 20 minutes ago and retreated to the hotel to get away from my nagging. Anyways, I´m blowing off some steam in an Internet cafe, possibly hitting the town, and then hitting the sack (or Brice´s face).

On another note, we bought our rainforest excursion today and we´re going to Madidi on the 28th. Hopefully that will be a lot more enjoyable than La Paz. Puno was slow, but the islands were fun, and Machu Picchu should cost less. That´s about it, really. We´re due back in Peru within the week.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the Bolivia thing. You shouldn't be out and about by yourself, too much. Your safety is Dad and I's concern!!! And You and Brice are spending alot of time together...So both of you need to regroup and be a little flexable !!!! And you can always come home early.. Dad or I will pick you up at a air por t near by.... Love ya, as always, MOM

Anonymous said...

Well RAY, I am surprised that you and Brice are getting edgie. Did you get a chance to check out where Butch Cassidy and Sundance bit it? I heard it was Bolivia. Just perhaps it has to do with the water. Sundance RAY and Butch Brice cause an international moment south of the equator.

Sounds like a nice place to vist; all sarcasim aside. Enjoy it gringo.

Love you, Daddy

Ray Yaegle said...

We´ve had our moments, but we´re doing OK now. No, I didn´t see anything related to the Kid. Sorry. We´re at the beach and having a mini-vacation within our vacation for a few days, then returning to Lima for our flight.

Brice says P.S. I´m too boring to let him cause any international incidents.