Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cardiff III: Wyt Ti'n Siarad Cymraeg?

We went to the Cardiff National Museum and Gallery, which was really interesting but not exactly eye-popping. I liked it well enough, I suppose, but I wouldn't call it a huge drawing point of the city. It's located just around the corner from Cardiff City Hall (pictured), and houses an impressive assortment of tea pots and China plates.

1 & 2) We're in the museum and we're going to touch EVERYTHING. 1 is an amethyst and 2 is a meteorite.

3) A carved rock. They say it was the pillar used to support a cross over someone's tomb once upon a time, but I think it's just a really cool carving.

4) I got a really neat picture of Gager standing in front of the dinosaur with the shadows looking all menacing on the walls behind it. Anyways, I tweaked the tone to see how it would look, liked it, and decided to save the changes.

The other really fun thing we did in Wales was go and see Burn After Reading. This movie is hilarious. Dark humour is my favourite, and no, I did not like Little Miss Sunshine. Getting that out of the way, there will probably be a DVD release party in our apartment very soon after it comes out. I'm seriously in love with Brad Pitt all over again. If you get a chance to see it, don't. I want to watch it again! And again. OK, so maybe not that many times, but I have to go fan girl once in a while, it's a woman thing.

P.S. This movie is not for everyone. Obviously.


Anonymous said...

RAY, I think your picture #4 is awsome. Your choice of contrast is almost as good as mine. Great! you should consider this for a photo contest. Lots of potential you have.

Love, Dad

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for our B.A.R. room party!

Gonna be honest, I thought the satire "Thank You For Smoking" was funnier. But this was also great.


Ray Yaegle said...

Satire and dark humour aren't the same thing at all, but at least you're on-board for the party. Which is good, because I was having it with or without you.

Anonymous said...

Picture #4 with Elizabeth is absolutely amazing! I agree with your dad ^^ photo contest winner, no question!
-(not so anonymous) Black Sunshine

Ray Yaegle said...

Well thanks, Sunshine! He he he, maybe I will enter it in the fair or something. I'm glad you agree with my dad, but at least you didn't feel the need to phrase it like Yoda... he's such a dork. Thanks for reading!